All three fonts are in the True Type format, and are compatible with Winodws, Mac, and Linux.

To install the fonts, download the archive, extract it, and install the fonts.


The fonts are free for personal, academic, and open-source use. For commercial projects, especially publication of books, crediting the authors is required. For example:

Music notation printed in Ome Swarlipi


For usage on the web, add the following block to the <head> section:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

You can then use the .ome-swarlipi, .ome-bhatkhande-hindi, or .ome-bhatkhande-english CSS classes to render in the respective font.


The fonts are not licensed for self-hosting of webfonts. To use these fonts on the web, the only licensed use is from the above stylesheet link. This use is free and unlimited at this time.


Embedding fonts in apps for distribution on iOS, Android, or other mobile operating systems is allowed. Simply download the fonts and embed them as per development guidelines.


All published apps must credit the authors, either in an "About" section within the app, or in the description page in the Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store, or equivalent. For example:

Music notation in "Ome Swarlipi" made by Terence Tuhinanshu

Music notation in "Ome Bhatkhande" made by Omenad